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HILLSFAR creates beautiful, affordable homes in sustainable, connected communities.


Our  intent to always be on the cutting edge in any property development we create.

We see “good” as not good enough. We aim to produce remarkable homes that anyone would be proud to own.

Hillsfar believes passionately & deeply in home ownership and property being the basis of physical wealth for most people.


Hillsfar generally invests in “in-fill” locations that have all the “I wants” that purchasers demand. Usually that is 5km to 25km from the CBD. Hillsfar believes this is where the best chance for steady capital growth over the long term will occur.
We want to make sure that anything we create can be afforded by the average person – this type of property usually finds buyers in up or down markets.


In everything we do at Hillsfar we simply must:-

  1. Be responsible and ethical, yet progressive.
  2. Be confident and inspire confidence in others.
  3. Be the change we want to see in the world of property development and property investing.


Working with Australia’s leading architects, designers and engineers, means that HILLSFAR is able to create cutting edge developments that people want to buy and own.



Hillsfar has been developing property for over 15 years. We have learnt a lot of valuable lessons along the way – having seen several property cycles. We employ a kaizen philosophy, which means we are always striving for constant and never ending improvement in everything we do.

We started out learning our trade – along the way we have developed small villa complexes, sub-divided house lots in to three or four, gradually working our way up to small land subdivisions and house and land packages.

Hillsfar prides itself on its strict acquisition criteria. Each site the team selects must sit within 5km – 25km of the CBD and boast nearby train station infrastructure, shopping centres and public amenities.

Why the name, Hillsfar?

The name HILLSFAR, was inspired by a magical place described in a fictional book. HILLSFAR was the name of a mythical city set high on a hill overlooking a verdant valley and far away over to the ocean. Full of contented prosperous people, living in beautiful homes, HILLSFAR was the perfect place to live, work and bring up a family.

The Hillsfar team strives to create that kind of magic with every project it conceives. We want to build the perfect place for you to live – somewhere you will be happy to bring up your family, or build some wealth by owning your own home.

Current & completed places

At Hillsfar we don’t decide how successful our projects are simply by the amount of money we make, or what percentage return we earn for our investors. We judge their success by how they look and feel five years after we have completed them. Do the homes and apartments still look fabulous? Have we made a difference? Are people enjoying living in the homes we created? Have a look at what we are doing now and some of our completed projects. We are proud of them all.

South Morang

955 Plenty Road,
South Morang, Victoira, 6722.

955 Plenty Road is currently being sub-divided into 3 Super Lots for medium + high density residential development. Upon completion of these lots, Hillsfar will commence construction of 23 town homes, 44 apartments (3-level building), and between 140 – 160 apartments (6-level building). The site is located 200 metres away from the brand new (under construction) Marymeade train station as part of the Victorian Government’s initiative to extend the South Morang train line.

Outline Development Plan lodgement March 2017.

Completion due early 2019.

Daylesford Place


Daylesford Close,
South Hedland, Western Australia, 6722.

Daylesford Place has been developed to offer a majority of flexible two and three bed apartments, which can accommodate two singles, a professional couple, or a small family. The one-bedroom homes will also provide plenty of privacy for singles or a young couple, and include one carbay.
42 x one, two & three bed apartments located in the centre of town, with expected rental yields in excess of 7%
Homes starting at $375,000-$495,000.
Completion due 2018, End Value – $18M.

Holmes St (Cnr Passmore St)
Southern River, Western Australia, 6110.

Southbank Estate will be an exceptional new community living place. The location alone, near the banks of the upper reaches of Southern River and opposite reserved bushland, offers lifestyle opportunities that are not often available so close to the City of Perth.

Southbank will offer a range of quality home sites to choose from out of 155 lots – 350sqm to 450sqm at prices that will have you smiling.

Construction expected to commence early 2018.

Expected end value of Land and Homes, $75M AUD.


Branch Circus,
Success, Western Australia, 6164

Stage 1
6 residential 500sgm lots – $1,500,000 end value

Stage 2
23 small lots home/land packages under zone R40 – $9,200,000 end value

Investor Returns 18.4%

Amber Springs

Larwood Crescent, Epping Court, Norwich Way, Torquay Lane Success,Western Australia, 6164

Stage 1
6 residential 500sgm lots – $1,500,000 end value

Stage 2
23 small lots home/land packages under zone R40 – $9,200,000 end value

Stage 3
18 House/Land packages – $7,200,000 end value

Investor Returns 18.7%

Sapphire Gardens

Dulwich Street,
Beckenham, Western Australia, 6107

 Stage 1
13 small lots as house/land packages under zone R30

$4,000,000 end value


HILLSFAR aims to provide it’s selectively chosen qualified investors with premium returns with the least possible risk, by inviting them to participate in its development projects. Never has there been a better time to earn high returns from property by cooperatively investing with others.

Our clients trust us because our core team has been successfully developing property for more than 30 years, and because they have earned more than 18%+ returns from previous HILLSFAR projects.

Whether it’s poor sharemarket returns, low bank interest or not enough superannuation, our clients are attracted to us because we offer higher rates of returns through our developments as a faster way to generate wealth. Ultimately, our clients feel like smart, ahead-of-the-game investors, who are safely building towards the lifestyle of their choice.

Craig Turnbull

Chief Executive Officer


Craig Turnbull has 30 years’ experience in Real Estate Developing. Craig’s background is as a property business entrepreneur, having created, owned and run property management, real estate development, financial services and funds management companies. Craig has coordinated his respective property projects with a combined value of more than $200 million.

Craig has written four best-selling books on real estate investment, selling over 100,000 copies, including the number one Australia title “It’s Easy to be a Property Millionaire”. Craig co-hosted the most listened radio show (7am, every Saturday morning) in Perth via 6PR ‘Talking Real Estate’ for seven years.

Craig holds a business degree in property and finance from Curtin University in Perth, Western Australia, and also had a Diploma in Financial Planning. He is a licensed real estate agent in the state of Western Australia.

Like to know more about Hillsfar? Please contact us using the form or if
you prefer you can call our office.

Suite 1003/19 Queens Rd, Melbourne, VIC, 3004

(+61) 1300 785 255

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